Welcome to the website of the Department of Art at Sacramento State. Using this site, you can learn about the faculty, the courses that we offer, the degree programs that are available, and the events that we sponsor. → read more

Welcome New Students In order to register for Fall semester classes, returning and newly matriculated students must attend orientation sessions on campus during the summer (for more information about this process, go to: In the Art Department, members of the full-time faculty and/or the Department chair will be meeting with all of the Art students on the afternoon of their orientation day. Major advising will be provided at this meeting but may have to be brief, depending on the number of students who attend and the number of questions that they have. Students who need additional advising → read more

Proposals for Kadema Gallery exhibits The Gallery Committee is accepting now through April 21, 2017 proposals for both the R.W. Witt Gallery and the Robert Else Gallery for consideration in the following academic year (2017-2018). More information and links to the proposals → read more

Sacramento State wood-fire process This communication is to provide notice that the Department of Art will be using its low-emission, wood-fired kiln on campus Tuesday, April 4, through Thursday, April 6. The kiln, commonly referred to as the “smokeless kiln,” was designed by Japanese ceramic artist Masakazu Kusakab. This kiln facilitates a wood-fired process that allows students to create unique effects on ceramic pieces by letting the wood ash melt onto the ceramic ware, as well as allowing flames to pass through the work.

This process serves significant pedagogical and creative purposes. Using the kiln is a labor-intensive process, requiring students to work together and develop an understanding of the elaborate wood-firing process. The availability of this kiln helps to distinguish Sacramento State’s ceramics program.

The Department of Art is open to visits and questions from students, faculty, and staff interested in learning more about the process. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions document: 2017 kiln faq.pdf. You can also contact department office at 278-6166.


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