Welcome to the website of the Department of Art at Sacramento State. Using this site, you can learn about the faculty, the courses that we offer, the degree programs that are available, and the events that we sponsor. → read more

Welcome New Students In order to register for Fall semester classes, returning and newly matriculated students must attend orientation sessions on campus during the summer (for more information about this process, go to: In the Art Department, members of the full-time faculty and/or the Department chair will be meeting with all of the Art students on the afternoon of their orientation day (1:30-3 p.m.). Major advising will be provided at this meeting but may have to be brief, depending on the number of students who attend and the number of questions that they have. Students who need additional advising or who would like to return to campus on another weekday for a more intensive introduction to the Art Department and its facilities may schedule → read more

Information About Class Schedules and Registration Use the link on the left (“class schedule website,” under University Links) to access the University website with the complete class schedule for each semester. Be sure to read the concise catalog description before signing up for a class (many classes have requirements or prerequisites that must be fulfilled before students are eligible to sign up for them). Each schedule entry also includes information about the course availability (whether or not it is fully enrolled), its location (buildings commonly used for Art courses include Kadema Hall [KDM], Mariposa Hall [MRP], and the Art Sculpture Lab [ASL]), its meeting days (R stands for Thursday), and its instructor (“staff” refers to a part-time faculty member). If a course is part of the General Education program, that will also be indicated (many but not all Art classes are in Area C-1 of GE, The Arts). Almost all Studio Art and Art Education classes have lab (materials) fees.

If a course that you want to take is filled, you can add yourself to its waitlist during the advance registration period. This computer-generated waitlist will be in effect until the end of the week before the start of instruction. Once classes start, instructors have the option of creating their own waiting lists and may make their own determination about which students to add, usually based on criteria such as major, class year, etc. They also are permitted to drop students who do not attend during the first two weeks of the semester (see the University Registrar’s website for more information about this and other procedures: After the start of instruction, students must speak directly to the instructor in order to add any Art class, even one that is not yet fully enrolled. Some Art classes are open by petition only (fieldwork, any independent study project, etc.). Petition forms are available in the Art office and must be filled out in consultation with the Art faculty member.


General contact
Telephone: 916.278.6166
Fax: 916.278.7287

Office Address:
CSU, Sacramento
Department of Art
6000 J Street, MS 6061
Kadema Hall 185
Sacramento, CA 95819

Office Hours:
During semesters:
Mon. - Fri., 9 am to 5 pm
Closed for lunch: 12-1

During winter break:
Mon. - Fri., 9 am to 5 pm
Closed for lunch: 12-1

During summer break:
Mon. - Fri., 7:30 am to 4 pm
Closed for lunch: 12:30 - 1 pm