Metals and Jewelry


The metals and jewelry courses currently are being taught by part-time instructors. Their names will be listed in the on-line class schedule shortly before the start of each Fall and Spring semester. For further information, contact the Art Department (916-278-6166).

The metals and jewelry area incorporates several courses from beginning to advanced levels. Students work with traditional jewelers' tools and equipment. They also have the option of working in a variety of semi-precious and precious metals. Open studios accommodate students who wish to develop their style and improve their technique.

Courses in the metals and jewelry area are: ART 074 Beginning Jewelry, ART 075 Beginning Metalsmithing, ART 174 Intermediate Jewelry, ART 175 Intermediate Metalsmithing, ART 176 Advanced Jewelry, ART 179 Crafts / Art Metal Studio, ART 199 Special Problems, ART 279 Crafts / Art Metal Studio, ART 299 Special Problems.