New Media Art

Rachel Clarke, MFA, Professor
Peter Williams, MFA, Assistant Professor
Mikko Lautamo, MA, Lecturer

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The New Media Art emphasis offers a series of courses at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels for undergraduate and graduate students:

  • Art 97 (Beginning Electronic Art)
  • Art 142 (3D Computer Modeling)
  • Art 143 (3D Computer Animation)
  • Art 144 (Raster and Vector Imaging)
  • Art 147 (Video Art)
  • Art 197 (Intermediate Electronic Art)
  • Art 198 (Advanced Electronic Art)
  • Art 297 (New Media 1 - graduate course)
  • Art 298 (New Media 2 - graduate course)

In New Media Art students develop skills in digital imaging, 2D animation, 3D modeling, 3D animation, digital fabrication, video art, video installation, interactive media, and generative art. The New Media Art emphasis builds critical dialog around creative applications of new technologies, and promotes inventive use of technology in a studio art context.

The Art Department has a New Media Art studio (Mariposa 1007) equipped with 25 Macintosh computers, a full range of industry standard software (Adobe Suite, Autodesk Maya 3D, Unity, etc.); open source software (Processing, Blender 3D, etc.); medium format printers and a large format plotter; 2D scanners, and a Zcorp 3D color printer. Other facilities include a sound recording studio, and a blue-screen studio for video, and 3D motion capture.

New Media Art students have interned with the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, local game companies, and with independent filmmakers and professional artists.