Art Minor Advising Sheet 2004-2006




(2004-06 Catalogue)

Art Studio Minor (21 units)

(6) At least two courses from the Art History Area:

Art 1A Art in the Western World: From
  Stone Age to End of the Middle Ages         3 units
Art 1B Art in the Western World: From
  Renaissance to Present                      3 units
Art 3 Art in the Asian World                  3 units
Art 5 Native American Art                     3 units
Art 7 Art Appreciation                        3 units

(3) At least one course from the following:

Art 20A Beginning Drawing                     3 units
Art 21 Painting                               3 units
Art 24 Watercolor                             3 units
Art 40B Basic Printmaking: Etching            3 units
Art 40C Basic Printmaking: Lithography        3 units
Art 40D Basic Printmaking: Relief             3 units
Art 40E Basic Printmaking: Silkscreen         3 units
Art 40H Beginning Printmaking /Portfolio      3 units
Art 97 Beginning Electronic Art               3 units

(3) At least one course from the following:

Art 50 Beginning Ceramics                     3 units
Art 53 Beginning Hand built Ceramics          3 units
Art 70 Form, Space and Vision                 3 units
Art 74 Beginning Jewelry Design               3 units
Art 75 Beginning Metalsmithing                3 units
Art 86 Clay Sculpture                         3 units
Art 87 Wood Sculpture &
  Experimental Furniture                      3 units
Art 88 Sculpture                              3 units

(9) At least 9 units of upper division courses in Studio Art (selected in consultation with a faculty advisor).

Note: Courses applied to the minors must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.

Art History Minor (21 units)
All units must be in Art History; at least 9 units must be upper division.

Art Education Minor (21 units)
The Art Education minor requires 9 lower division units in Art Studio, 3 lower division units in Art History, and 9 units in Art Education selected with the approval of the Art Education Credential Advisor.