Undergraduate Program

Art Major Advising Summary


(Version for the 2006-2008 Catalogue)

The total number of units required for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art is 120.  Of the 120 units needed for the degree,

  • No more than 70 units may be transferred from a two-year or community college.
  • 30 units must be taken on the Sacramento State campus, 24 of which must be upper division (numbered 100 or higher at Sacramento State), including at least 12 upper division units in the major,
  • 40 units must be upper division (the upper division courses required by the art major can be used to meet part of this requirement), and
  • 51 units must be in the General Education Program (for students in the Art major, no more than nine units of Art Department courses may be applied to General Education requirements).
  • An overall GPA of 2.0 is required in the total courses, the total CSUS courses, and courses used to complete the GE requirements. 

The total number of units required for an Art major is 48.
Please refer to the sheet entitled “Art Major Advising Procedures” and the appropriate advising sheet for your area (Art Education, Art History, or Art Studio). All forms are available in the Art office on the website (

A minor is not required for the Art major.
To apply elective units towards a minor, see the Sacramento State catalogue listing of requirements for the subject.   It is not possible to declare a minor and major in the same program (i.e., you cannot declare both a major and minor in Art, even if the areas of the concentration and minor differ).

Other requirements include the following:

  • Demonstrated competency in U.S. history, the U.S. Constitution, and California state and local government,
  • Two semesters of college-level English composition courses (English 1A and 20 or their equivalents) with a grade of C- or higher
  • Successful passing of the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE) no later than the first semester of the junior year (within 74 units of the degree),
  • Demonstrated foreign language proficiency comparable to the second semester of college-level language study (see page 81 of the 2006-08 catalogue for the four ways of meeting this graduation requirement),
  • Nine units of General Education taken in residence at CSUS,
  • One 3 unit Writing Intensive class (ART 111 fulfills this requirement),
  • One 3 unit class in Race and Ethnicity in American Society

Students are advised to read the Sacramento State Catalog and class schedule, to check their academic record on line regularly, and to consult with a faculty advisor