Undergraduate Program

Art Major Advising Summary


Minimum number of units required for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art at Sacramento State is 120.  Of the 120 units needed for the BA degree:

  • No more than 70 units may be transferred from a two-year or community college.
  • 30 units must be taken on the Sacramento State campus (including 24 upper division units of coursework, 12 of them in the major).
  • 40 units must be upper division (courses numbered 100-199 at Sacramento State; the upper division courses required by the Art major can be used to meet part of this requirement, which includes a minimum of 12 upper division units in the Art major), and
  • 48 units must be in the General Education program (for students in the Art major, no more than nine units of Art Department courses may be applied to GE requirements): Areas A (9 units), B (12 units), C (12 units), D (12 units), and E (3 units).
  • An overall GPA of 2.0 is required in 5 areas: the total courses, the total Sac State courses, the upper division courses in the major, the courses in the minor, and the required GE courses.
  • A minimum grade of “C” is required in courses used toward the Art major and minor.

The Art major is 48 (Art Education, Art History, Studio Art Methods) or 60 (Studio Art) units

  • For more information, students should consult the sheet entitled “Art Major Advising Procedures” and the advising sheet for the specific concentration: Art Education (also called Subject Matter Program), Art History, Studio Art, or Studio Art Methods.

Other requirements for a BA degree at Sacramento State include:

  • Demonstrated competency in U.S. history, the U.S. Constitution, and California state and local government (acquired through coursework or through exams scheduled each semester by the Government and History departments at Sacramento State)
  • Two semesters of college-level English composition courses (ENGL 5 and 20 or their equivalents) with a grade of C- or higher,
  • Completion of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (or GWAR; refer to the online catalog for information about the 2-step process involved),
  • Demonstrated foreign language proficiency comparable to the second semester of college-level language study, including American Sign Language (refer to the online catalog for further information),
  • Nine units of General Education coursework taken in residence at Sacramento State,
  • One 3-unit Writing Intensive class (ART 111 fulfills this GE requirement),
  • One 3-unit class in the GE category, Race and Ethnicity in American Society.

A minor with another department is not required for a BA degree in Art.

  • Students cannot declare both a major and a minor in Art.
  • Some course overlap between a major and minor is allowed (to achieve a minimum of 24 non-overlapping units in the major, 12 units of which must be upper division).

Students should read the Sacramento State Catalog and class schedule, check their on-line academic record (MySacState) often, and consult with an Art faculty advisor regularly.