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Art Major Advising Procedures

Department of Art, 185 Kadema Hall
California State University, Sacramento

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    Art Department Advisor
    Each student who declares a major in Art is assigned to an advising committee approximately one month into the semester.  Advising committees are comprised of all full-time Art faculty members teaching in the specific program (i.e., Art Studio Advising Committee, Art History Advising Committee and Art Education Advising Committee). A student should obtain advising from one of the members of the advising committee. If a student wishes to be assigned a specific advisor, (s)he should submit a request through the Art Department office (278-6166) or by emailing A list of our art faculty advisors can be found here

    Planning the Major
    Students are urged to meet with an Art Department faculty advisor as soon as possible. Any full-time member of the Art faculty may be consulted for general advice about the Art major. Students are required to meet with an Art faculty advisor once each academic year. This is to review their progress toward completion of the Art major (as documented in the “Art Department Advising Sheet”). To prepare for the first meeting with their faculty advisor, students should review the list of requirements for the Art major that apply to their catalog year, as outlined in the relevant advising sheet posted on the Art Department website ( The terms “catalog year” and “catalog rights” are explained on the University Registrar’s website ( Transfer students should review their transcripts for any Art courses taken at other colleges or universities. Information about current transfer (articulation) agreements between Sacramento State and other state universities and community colleges in California can be found on the web ( Students wishing to transfer Art courses not listed on the ASSIST website or taken at institutions with which there are no articulation agreements should be prepared to provide documentation of the contents and requirements of the courses (catalog description, syllabi, etc.) In some cases, a portfolio of work done in the other college’s Studio Art classes also may be required to determine their equivalency to the Sacramento State classes.

    Meeting the Faculty Advisor
    During the first meeting, the Art faculty advisor will review the student’s transcripts (if relevant) and prepare an “Art Department Advising Sheet” listing all Sacramento State Art classes and any applicable transfer classes from other colleges or universities (there are four versions of the advising sheet: Art Education, Art History, Art Studio, and Art Studio Methods).  The original copy of the worksheet, signed by the Art faculty advisor and kept in the Art Department office, must be completed and submitted before Census Date of the semester following the appointment with the Art faculty advisor. If this deadline is missed, an “advising hold” may be placed on the student’s academic records. Students also are encouraged to retain a copy of this form for their files. For on-line versions of Advising Sheets for different catalog years (1996-2016), go to:

    Preparing for Graduation
    The Graduation (BA) Petition is now an online form found on the Registrar's website. The graduation application is due no later than Feb. 1 for the fall semester and Oct. 1 for the spring semester. Each Art major should meet with their faculty advisor to review their graduation status before applying to graduate. Using the “Art Department Advising Sheet” and the Art Department’s sample Graduation Application Form as guides, the student will compile a list of all Art classes that are being applied towards the major, whether taken at Sacramento State or elsewhere, and whether completed (with final grade), in progress, or yet to be taken. This draft should be reviewed with the Art faculty advisor.