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Center for Family Studies

Family and Consumer Sciences Department



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American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences
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The Center for Family Studies was established in July 1998. Initially established as part of the Department's Child Study Center, which  successfully operated on this campus from 1974 until 2001, the Center for Family Studies was established to address broader social issues and community needs. 

The purpose of the Center for Family Studies is to promote the well being of families and family members by:

  • Promoting family -centered services in the community.

  • Providing family and consumer education programs in the community.

  • Providing students with opportunities to learn directly from multiethnic families in the community.

  • Supporting research on child, family and consumer issues.

  • Providing pre-service and in-service training for professionals and para-professionals working with families.

Past Programs and Events Sponsored by the Center for Family Studies include:

  • Family Lecture Series
    • Dr. Stephen R. Covey -- August 17, 2004
      • "Strengthening Families and Communities"

    • Emmy Werner -- April 12, 2000.
  • A parent education preschool administered jointly with the Sacramento City Unified School District.  www.scusd.edu
  • An infant development program administered jointly with the Sacramento County Office of Education.  www.scoe.net

  • Conferences students attended:

    • Zero to Three in New Orleans, LA. --  Dec. 2003
    • Child Life Council in Seattle, WA.-- May 2004

  • Training for Parent Educators offered jointly with the Sacramento Parent Educators Consortium (SPEC). SPEC is dedicated to promoting public awareness of the importance of parent education; providing training and networking opportunities for parent educators; providing a forum in which educational issues, service delivery problems, and concerns may be discussed; and offering education regarding the guidelines for teaching the Standardized Court Curriculum for Parent Education.

The Director of the Center for Family Studies:

Professor Ann Moylan, Ph.D.
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
(916) 278-5098
E-mail: moylan@csus.edu

FACS Department:  (916) 278-6393

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